A journey into the beauty of your own sub conscious mind
through visualization meditation & music

Silent State is a unique concept where guided visualization meditation and contemporary music come together. We are mainly in places where it might be least expected. Music festivals, corporate events, and exceptional locations. Around the world, over 10 thousand people have already done a guided visualization. The meditations are personally created by Michelle with the knowledge from Buddhist psychology, neurology, and dramaturgy. She is inspired by the music of the artists she collaborates with, ancient stories of wisdom, art, and nature.

“The meditations create a space for the individual to go beyond their limiting thoughts and believes. When the brain both detects the inner and outer environment as safe, we can connect with ourselves at a deeper level. A transition from the anxious mind to all the good qualities which are under the surface. Peaceful mind”.The combination of her warm voice, the creative compassionate journey and soothing music ensures that the meditations are accessible to a wide audience, from beginners to experienced meditators.

The meditative mind journey

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Visualisation meditation concert

During Silent State Live, the audience is guided on a meditative journey in their own mind. Laying on a yoga mat or sitting on a pillow, the live-act will provide musical accompaniment in moments of peace and quiet. The meditation concert feels like a warm bath where you don't have to do anything.
We work together with live bands, artists in electronic and classical music.

Visualisation meditation oasis

An oasis of peace in the midst of the crowds. With silent State Area we set up a meditation space during the big events, where people can lay in a bed to meditate.
The visualization meditation with the music of artists from the event are recorded in advance.

For an average of 20 minutes, people are invited to a state of complete relaxation and surrender via a wireless headset



Down the Rabbit Hole

This might be the best experience I've ever had at a music festival. And this is so much needed at the moment. I was so anxious before the meditation and now I feel relieved. You've touched my heart so deeply. I'm forever grateful.


Down the Rabbit Hole

After 2 days of partying the meditation concert felt like a warm bath. I've never meditated before. Even though I was quite skeptical at the start, you blew my mind. Your warm voice and guidance. the voice of Ry X and the ambient music was a match made in heaven. It made me completely relaxed. Today I will enjoy the festival in a different way.